Two East Lee Teachers Named Golden Apple Finalists

Two East Lee County High School Teachers were honored to be named finalists for the 2015 Golden Apple Award by the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools. Milagros Sowers and Gwynetta Gittens are among 31 finalists for the award. Our cameras were rolling as Principal Brian Mangan surprised Mrs. Sowers with the news in her classroom on Tuesday morning.  Beverly Burke and Michelle Avola from the Foundation, as well as Assistant Principals Alex Dworzanski and DeAdra Hall, we on hand for the announcement. Six award recipients will be named later this year.

Freshman Interviews

By: Yiset Garcia and Daniela Gomez

Together, we interviewed 30 freshmen at East Lee County High School. We asked them questions like, “How is high school different from middle school?” and, “How do the students and teachers treat you?” and, “How has your year been so far?” In addition, we asked,”Who’s your favorite teacher?” The students had many different answers. Roderick Mccray one of the freshmen said that high school is super different than middle school because, the diversity of people, they have no uniforms, and the lunchroom is big as well as open, and he can sit with his friends. We also, asked Karina Chaivisant the same questions and she mentioned that there’s a lot less drama in high school and people are more mature. Since is their first year we asked them who is their favorite teacher, Isyeni Mova, Angelina Sebastian, Anthony Jirvet, and Nicholas de la Paz all said their favorite teacher at East Lee County  is Mr.Avila because he is bilingual, he makes learning fun, he does not give up on none of them until they understand what he is teacing, and most inportant he cares for them. As we interviewed students asking them How was their year so far Joshua Ratz and Joshua jacob said overall its been pretty good, thanks to friends and their teachers. We asked how do people treat them and Xiamara Martinez said everyone is cool and doing their own thing. According to most of the freshman at East Lee County Freshman  year has been amazing and they are enjoying thier year so far. Interviewing the freshmen was really interesting and hearing their point of views of high school was truely astonishing.

What defines East Lee County High School?

East Lee County High School. There are many connotations that define East and what it means to be an East student-a Jaguar.In mostly positive remarks students responded to a few questions asked. So what defines an East Lee Student? Well Nicolas Medina defines himself as friendly, smart and all about the academies.  Rodney Clarke defines himself with a Jaguar state of mind. Numerous kids have different opinions of how they define themselves as an ELCHS student, but how about the school/

On average most people felt as though our school is a great place. Raziel Umana stated that its a fun learning environment if your up for the challenge. Being up for the challenge isnt always easy and Ashley Gonzalez a junior at ELCHS defines our school as hardworking with long-term goals. Our students make ELCHS and we are who we are today but , can students improve the definition of our school? All the students agreed that their peers can improve the definition of our school? Everyone can improve also and most people are always about leaving their mark. But how about East Lee County High School’s mark?LeyMarie Maldonado Torres wants East to be an exemplary school with great spirit. No better way for East to be than to be an example setting school with great spirit. Sounds like the perfect school that anyone would want.

East Lee Leadership Academy Dedicates Training Complex

On Friday, December 12, 2014, East Lee County High School (ELCHS), home of the East Lee Leadership Academy (ELLA), dedicated its recently completed outdoor training complex. The ELLA Training Complex includes a 65-ft rappel tower, a covered outdoor classroom, and an enclosed marksmanship range. The purpose of the tower is to train JROTC cadets to rappel, climb the rock wall, and use the zip line. Cadets will demonstrate use of the tower and the marksmanship range. Speakers included: Cadet LTC Hanna Peterson, ELCHS Principal, Brian Mangan and JROTC Director of Instruction for Lee County Schools, Thomas Madigan, LTC(ret.)

Lehigh Chamber Meets at East Lee

The Lehigh Acres Chamber of Commerce held their General Member Luncheon at East Lee County High School on Tuesday, December 3. These local business and community leaders had the opportunity to tour the High School and learn about the programs and opportunities available to the students.

JROTC Academic Bowl Team Set for District Competition

The East Lee County High School JROTC Leadership Academic Bowl team has achieved a 4th place seeding for the District Academic Bowl Competition on December 3rd. The Jaguars will take on Dunbar High School at the event.

Team members include Cadet David Sorrels (Jr, Team Captain), Cadet Colten Burdick (Soph), Cadet Emerson Laney (Soph), and Cadet Hoyuky Pec (Soph).

The squad is excited about the competition and motivated to represent East Lee to the best of their abilities!

East Lee Automotive Academy

The Automotive Academy at East Lee County High School is one of nine Career and Technical Education programs offering students an opportunity to receive college readiness and career training in a specific field of study. We spoke with the instructor in the Academy, Shane Gibson, as well as some of the students, to find out more about this successful program.

Criminal Justice Academy Hosts Lee County Sheriff

The East Lee County High School Criminal Justice Academy played host to Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott yesterday. Sheriff Scott spoke about his experience in law enforcement and took questions from the Criminal Justice cadets as well.

East Lee Medical Academy

The Medical Academy at East Lee County High School is one of nine Career and Technical Education programs offering students an opportunity to receive college readiness and career training in a specific field of study. We spoke with the instructor in the Academy, Sandra Grage, as well as some of her students, to find out more about this successful program.

Walk Now for Autism Speaks


By: Yaneliz Matos

October 11, 2014, greeted Southwest Florida with clear blue skies, dewy grass, and degrees reaching humid temperatures that attract northern birds south. Though the ones who were out and about on such a beautiful morning weren’t winter folk seeking warmer weather. No! It was SW Florida’s very own residents. Now the question is, why were they up in the early hours of Saturday, when they could be snuggling under covers? The answer is simple. They were seeking to support a cause, and they did just that every step of the way during the 11th Annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks.

Gathering at Estero Community Park, hundreds came together to show their support through donations, which help fund research and increase awareness. Haley Shurack, who works with early childhood development, commented on how she was honored to be a part of such an important cause, and how through donations, the organization gets to do projects, such as special camps that allow kids with behavioral challenges find a place where they can enjoy themselves.

Present at the event was Lehigh Acres’ very own East Lee County High School students, a group composed of both National Honor Society and Student Government Association members with their sponsor, and teacher at East, Mary Jo Potter. The group integrated their bodies, minds, and souls into the event as they walked along side many people who shared the same desire to make a difference. As East Lee County’s students prepared to commence their walk, they intercepted the rising business, Autism in Motion, which offers therapy and recreational programs to individuals with autism. These jaguars got their blood pumping as they struck a pose with Sue Lacono, one of the directors of Autism in Motion, as she instructed them in a yoga session. Arms raised and smiles wide, East Lee County’s kids were eager to return for another session after their mini workout. After some time, the walk finally began and hundreds strode with purpose as they didn’t just talk the talk for Autism Speaks, but also walked the walk.